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EVERFI financial education is used by 750+ of the world’s largest financial institutions to strengthen their education solutions with an interactive, scalable and measurable tool to impact learners at scale. We power a network of 16+ million learners to increase financial capability among communities.  Our K12 sponsor program is an online financial education platform that enables financial institutions to deliver K12-based education at scale, build student financial capability, and satisfy regulatory requirements.


Vault - Understanding Money™ Vault is an interactive learning course specifically designed to introduce financial education skills early in a child’s cognitive development.  The course uses new-media technologies to bring complex financial concepts to life. Evidence-based learning theories are incorporated to increase students’ knowledge and build the foundation for making good financial decisions at a young age and promote career development skills. Courses align with Jump$tart and U.S. State Financial Literacy Standards (Grades 4-6)


Venture Entrepreneurial Expedition™ teaches students to think entrepreneurially about business and life. Using case studies and interactive business simulations and personal development activities to teach important basic business skills, students develop a personalized plan for their individual business, along with a roadmap for academic and career success.  Courses align with Jump$tart, CEE, and Common Core State Standards. (Grades 7-10)


EVERFI Financial Literacy™ is an engaging, online education platform that uses video, animations and interactive activities to bring complex financial concepts to life. EVERFI tracks individual student progress and knowledge gain and provides students who successfully complete the course with certification in financial literacy, which can be a powerful tool for job, college and internship applications. Courses align with Jump$tart and U.S. State Financial Literacy Standards (Grades 9-12)


Understanding Family Financial Capability

http://info.everfi.com/FamilyFinancialWellnessFinancial Wellness

Evaluating a K12 Financial Education Program