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Educational Improvement Organization Administrator

Commonwealth Charitable Management administers all three EITC programs.  We are a Scholarship Organization, an Educational Improvement Organization and a Pre-Kindergarten Scholarship Organization.  We work for the donor and eliminate the hassle.  We manage your EITC program from start to finish, according to your charitable giving strategy.

An Educational Improvement Organization (EIO) must be a nonprofit entity.  Through this program, we provide funding to provide innovative educational programs that benefit students across Pennsylvania.  As defined by the Department of Community and Economic Development, "An 'innovative educational program' is an advanced academic or similar program that is not part of the regular academic program of a public school but that enhances the curriculum or academic program of the public school."  These are programs that benefit public school students in your target market:  advanced placement courses that offer college credit, financial literacy, cultural center programming and more.  It is quite possible that many of the direct charitable contributions already being made by your business could qualify as an EIO program.

Qualifying Programs

Donors can select programs based on their target market, business relationships, geographical interest and more.  We work with your key stakeholders to help determine which schools and programs will benefit from your funding and make sure that students, families, schools and the public know the donor's identity.

We match donors with students and schools in need.  Educational Improvement programs can benefit students that attend public schools in your area.  Contact us today to discuss how your EIO funding can benefit schools that matter to your business.


Ready to Help

Commonwealth Charitable Management's professional staff is experienced in EITC administration. Contact us today to learn more - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (833) EITC NOW.