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Experienced and Professional

Commonwealth has been administering EITC since 2003. We have over a decade of experience, have provided millions of dollars in funding to support thousands of students. We understand EITC.

We are not a school and do not have programs of our own that we are funding. We work for our donors. Serving our donors is our first priority. We administer all three programs of EITC. If you’re already participating in EITC, you know how much work it can be working with each recipient school and organization individually. We can do that for you and allow your business to focus on it’s priorities while we do all the work.

Commonwealth provides a single letter of acknowledgement that covers the entire list of scholarships and grants for each program. 

Maintain Donor Identity and Lower Administrative Costs

  • Commonwealth maintains a relationship with the donor business key stakeholders to identify the most strategic approach to EITC giving and at the same time look for opportunities to replace direct charitable contributions to eligible programs and schools with EITC awards
  • We have found that donations are often pooled together, dissolving the identity of the donor
  • We work with the schools and organizations that matter to your business
  • Commonwealth works with each donor to establish award guidelines that meet both the donor needs and the EITC requirements for providing funding
  • Scholarship applications are processed through our office, ensuring both EITC and CRA compliance
  • We retain documentation as backup if it’s ever required for an audit
  • Every step of the way, the donor identity is known. The students, families, schools and organizations know who their benefactor is. We work with you to let the public know too